The process of an online purchase from OXETTE’s e-shop is very simple:

1. Firstly, in order to make purchases you should become a member of our website. Registration is done by clicking the “REGISTER” field at the top right of the Home page, and then filling in your details.

2. In the top of each page you will see the Menu. There you can navigate through the product categories that interest you (for example: necklaces, watches, rings, etc.)

3. After selecting the product that interests you, there are 2 options: If you want to buy it you click on the “Add to Cart” button and if you want to save it for a future purchase you click on the “Add to Wishlist” button.

4. By selecting “Add to Cart”, the product is transferred into your cart and a pop-up window appears which notifies you of the product being added to your cart. In this window you can: SEE YOUR SHOPPING CART, COMPLETE YOUR ORDER or CONTINUE SHOPPING. With the first option you can edit your cart and then proceed to payment, with the second option you complete your order by entering your Billing and Shipping Information, and then clicking on the “Make Order” button. Finally, with the third option you continue browsing the website, having saved the product to your cart in case you want to add another product to your order.